Solo Electric

by Danny de Graan

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The Solo Electric Project

The Solo Electric Project is a series of compositions by Danny de Graan for solo instruments combined with electronics.

Taking advantage of the endless possibilities of electronics combined with the beautiful textures of acoustical instruments creates an extremely exiting sonic experience. Exploring completely synthesised sounds or just processed recordings of acoustic instruments as source material for the electronic part of these compositions. Every composition uses different electronic techniques but also different algorithmic processes to generate note material.

The Solo Electric Project is a work in progress and an exploration into new sonic worlds.


Current participants are:

Hans de Jong | Alto Saxophone
The Missing Shade Of Blue

Ere Lievonen | Harpsichord
The Ghost In The Machine

Susanna Borsch | Recorder
101 Reasons

Stefan Gerritsen | Guitar
In preparation

Maya Fridman | Cello
In preparation

Peter Veale | Oboe
In preparation

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